One virtual connection to SEFs, FCMs, CCPs, Middleware Hubs

  • Dodd-Frank, EMIR and other global OTC regulations have fragmented the OTC derivatives world into execution, clearing, agency and custody silos. Multiple CCPs, FCMs, SEFs and middleware platforms have led to severe fragmentation and created a complex derivatives trade workflow for buy side and sell side participants.

    SwapsHub provides an elegant aggregation and distribution cloud platform that provides a unified view across all these venues. With a standard browser Buy Side participants can instantly access all platform features and built-in connections to SEFs, CCPs and other industry utilities. Buy side customers have full access to pre-trade IM, aggregated SEF market data and execution with regulatory compliance, post-trade cleared and bilateral life cycle management, and margin call/collateral management in a single virtual environment.

  • In the new regulatory environment, Sell Side needs new ways to communicate, collaborate and provide effective services to the buy side. Whether you are an FCM, Prime Broker, Agency or Introducing Broker, Custodian or Administrator, SwapsHub is the platform to offer direct services to your clients. Whether it is DMA or sponsored access, SwapsHub can provide all necessary infrastructure, connectivity and fully managed services thus saving you significant deployment time and upfront costs.

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The New Derivatives World

  • Centralized Clearing
  • Initial Margin
  • Best Clearing Path
  • Pre-trade Clearing Certainty
  • CLOBs/RFQs
  • SEF Aggregation
  • Terminations
  • Margin Calls
  • Collateral Mgmt
  • Compliance

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