Buy Side Features

For Buy side OTC derivatives participants, transitioning from a bilateral world to an all electronic execution and clearing world is challenging at the very least - until now. To meet the Dodd Frank regulations, SwapsHub provides an integrated cloud based trading platform built on 3 main principles:
Best Clearing:     optimal clearing path for a portfolio based on IM, credit and collateral

Best Execution:  SEF aggregation, execution using RFQ/CLOB, Swap Terminations, allocations

Best Collateral:   margin call aggregation, collateral pool and management tools 

Salient Features
  • Real-time market data and watch lists
  • Full featured OMS including amends, cancels and managed close-outs
  • Order blotters to handle CLOBS and RFQs
  • Positions with tranches
  • Order workflows with executing broker
  • Online Order, execution queries, reports
  • Initial Margin Optimizer
  • Best Clearing Path
  • OMS with RFQ / CLOB
  • Streaming Market Data
  • SEF Aggregation
  • Terminations
  • Margin Call Aggregation
  • Collateral Mgmt
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Queries, Reports
  • CCP Yield Curves