• Traditional single tenant trading platforms are packaged and marketed as cloud solutions. This is nothing more than an ASP solution on a hardware based virtual environment. While it may result in reduced hardware spending, customers still have to pay the full price for the trading platform, connectivity and all associated software components.
    SwapsHub platform is built with proven technologies and architecture that truly adhere to SaaS principles:

    Multi-tenant architecture: With a single version of our trading platform deployed in a scalable secure environment, end users enjoy an integrated virtual OMS, position and portfolio management system.

    Hyper Scalable Services: With configurable service engines that can be deployed over several physical servers, the platform can serve real time market data (Level I, II), order executions to several thousand users

    Maintenance & Enhancements: Bug fixes, enhancements, new features are all automatically available to all users. As connectivity is established to newer SEFs or executing venues, all users will have access to the venues instantly.

    Distributed Databases: Multi-instance Trading databases with replicated archive databases for trading, reporting and portfolio management

Core Framework

  • Server
  • Java 1.8, J2EE, JDBC
  • MQ, JMS
  • Java micro services
  • SQL Server 2014+
  • Apache webserver

  • Client
  • Browser based Java application
  • websockets
  • HTML5